Songs Everyone Should Know - Covenant's Call The Ships To Port (+ more)

Covenant were one of the major bands of what came to be the next wave of the Electro side of the Electro-Industrial genre, with songs like Theremin, Sequencer, Figurehead, and Stalker garnering many fans in the late 90's industrial scene (they followed the lead of artists like Clock DVA, The Cassandra Complex, Front… » 12/16/14 9:30pm Yesterday 9:30pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - Front 242's Animal and Crushed

This series has been a learning experience for me, because though I've known a majority of these songs since they were released, but I very rarely knew that there were music videos for them. Or in the case of today's video, even what the singer looked like. Front 242 were leaders of the 1980's EBM (Electronic Body… » 12/15/14 9:30pm Monday 9:30pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - Smashing Pumpkin's Drown

By the time 1992 had come around, Grunge's first wave had landed, Metal was everywhere, you could buy a Smiths or Cure shirt at the mall, and punk was still punk (but not for much longer). One of the most amazing releases to come from 1992 was the Singles soundtrack... featuring a whole host of amazing Seattle… » 12/14/14 9:30pm Sunday 9:30pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - The Tear Garden's You and Me and Rainbows

With certain other tracks I have featured here, I've been aware that there is a chance I am introducing a song from a genre, or approach which perhaps will fall upon deaf or even revolting ears. So, let me put this out there. The Tear Garden is a musical project which is equal parts The Legendary Pink Dots and Skinny… » 12/13/14 8:34pm Saturday 8:34pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - Freezepop's Stakeout

I am unabashedly a fan of Freezepop, I've seen them live, I have a signed CD, I know far too many words to far too many songs, and it all begin with Stakeout. Stakeout is, for lack of a better phrase, and to steal the words directly from my son: "happy bubblegum pop music". The song is bouncy, it's really upbeat, it's… » 12/12/14 9:30pm Friday 9:30pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - The Dresden Dolls' Sing

For whatever reason, when the rest of the internet was going crazy for The Dresden Dolls in the early to mid 2000's, I completely missed the bus. Actually, with the exception of this one song, it took me ages to finally come back around and really give them a fair listen. I will not even begin to explain this one,… » 12/11/14 9:30pm Thursday 9:30pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - Lush's Sweetness and Light (remix) + more

Semi-bonus edition of SESK - The Shoegaze Remixes, as I posted my regular post at 9:30 AM instead of PM today. I mentioned this one a few weeks ago, and spent some time looking for a video of the Orange Squash remix of Sweetness and Light, and couldn't find it at the time, but what I didn't realize is that it was… » 12/10/14 10:00pm 12/10/14 10:00pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - Tori Amos' Flying Dutchman

This post is specifically dedicated to InTheRain, who, with a single post, indirectly referencing Flying Dutchman caused me to really truly pay attention and led me to stick around on BackTalk. Prior to this, I had sporadically visited, but there was something about that interaction... The entire community seemed to… » 12/10/14 9:30am 12/10/14 9:30am

Songs Everyone Should Know - Lovage's Sex, I'm A

First off, I hope that most of you actually know this song. Because, as brilliant and amazing as the original by Berlin is, this cover... this cover is something everyone should hear. Lovage was one of those projects that came together from very disparate parts. This project was another one of Dan The Automator's… » 12/09/14 9:30pm 12/09/14 9:30pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - Moist's Freaky Be Beautiful

Moist were one of those bands that I first heard while I was still listening to a lot of rock and angry music, and, much like everyone else who likely remember's Moist (who didn't live in Canada, there is a needed disclaimer there, much like there is for Kylie Minogue fans in Australia or Pop Will Eat Itself fans in… » 12/08/14 9:30pm 12/08/14 9:30pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - Rose Smith's Life Changes and more

I occasionally feel as if I hang on to the hope that some of these artists, who released a single amazing album, and then from my perspective, dropped off the planet, will suddenly resurface with more brilliant music. I've already revealed that I'm a sucker for foreign accents, cleanly produced electro-pop, catchy but… » 12/07/14 9:30pm 12/07/14 9:30pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - Rob Dougan's Furious Angels and more

Have you seen The Matrix? Of course you have, this is a silly question. Do you know the music which plays in the scene with the woman in the red dress? You very well may. That was Rob Dougan's Clubbed To Death. Several years after The Matrix, and after several variations of Clubbed to Death, Rob Dougan released an… » 12/06/14 9:30pm 12/06/14 9:30pm

Songs Everyone Should Know-Ladytron Destroy Everything You Touch

A brief side story here, while I was having an internal debate as to whether or not I felt that this song was old enough to feature here (I'm trying to keep a theme of songs which are well outside of their natural life), I realized that this album came out in 2005. And that I saw them on this tour in 2006. Sometimes I… » 12/05/14 9:30pm 12/05/14 9:30pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - Die Warzau's Land Of The Free

Let's start with a brief overview of Die Warzau. If you liked the industrial music to come out of Chicago in the late 80's or 90's, you were more than likely listening to some of Van Christie (multi instrumentalist, and brilliant sound engineer) and Jim Marcus's work (singer, drummer, DJ and more). Those of you who… » 12/04/14 9:30pm 12/04/14 9:30pm