Artists Everyone Should Know - How To Destroy Angels

Where do I start with regard to How To Destroy Angels? I suppose we should start with the beginning. In the Beginning, there was Coil. And all was well interesting disturbing. Coil's first release was a 12" titled... wait for it... How To Destroy Angels. Which was a sign of things to come both musically and from an… » 2/23/15 9:30pm Monday 9:30pm

R.B.G. portrait and article

This weekend had a great opinion piece on Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the NYT, and the accompanying artwork was done by an old friend from school (I used to carpool to school with her family, her father was my physics teacher, and favorite teacher of all time, TBH). After reading the article, and perusing my faceypages, I… » 2/23/15 12:49pm 2/23/15 12:49pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - Meat Beat Manifesto's Asbestos Lead…

Did you hang out in record shops in the 90's? Raves? With the guys who always knew where to find the good hallucinogens? With DJ's who leaned toward techno? There is a fairly decent change if one or more of the above applies to your experiences in the 90's that you encountered MBM. Jack Dangers established a band… » 2/20/15 9:30pm 2/20/15 9:30pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - M83's Couleurs

For a couple of years, M83's Saturdays = Youth was my personal soundtrack. From when it was released in 2008, until sometime in 2010, this album was played everywhere. I listened while I slept, while I drove, while I worked, while I found myself, while I found others... I know this album better than nearly any other.… » 2/19/15 9:30pm 2/19/15 9:30pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - Chvrches' You Caught The Light

My love of Chvrches should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, my musical tastes, or can even take small educated guesses at them. This is a band who clearly understand pop, electronic dance music, recording, production, presentation, and who, in my mind, are only going to get bigger and bigger. » 2/18/15 9:30pm 2/18/15 9:30pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - Lulabox's I Believe

Once upon a time in the early / mid 90's even bands which no one ever heard of release simply outstanding shoegaze. Lulabox is just one of many bands I use to point this out, but I occasionally feel like I'm slightly cheating because the I Believe twins (there is the album version, and then the Below The Belt remix)… » 2/16/15 9:30pm 2/16/15 9:30pm

RIP - Gavin Clark (we hardly knew ye)

I've been following Gavin Clark for a while. He had been featured on a number of UNKLE tracks over the years, and was the vocalist for the folk bands Clayhill and Sunhouse. Today, there were some murmurings on his facebook page that he had passed, which was just confirmed. There are no details provided, and really,… » 2/16/15 1:45pm 2/16/15 1:45pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - Spice Girls' Wannabe

For those of you who have survived this week of madness with me, I present to you what is pretty much the greatest earworm of all time. My only reason for including this song here is that occasionally I wonder if too many people are ashamed of liking this song, and it will die off, intentionally neglected, in some… » 2/13/15 9:30pm 2/13/15 9:30pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - Pink's God Is A DJ and Feel Good Time

I've been really impressed with Pink since I first saw the video for Get This Party Started. And though she's had several musical phases, I have to say, when her music is just music for the sake of music, she's freaking amazing. And with God Is A DJ she takes the semi-traditional pop anthem approach, and keeps the… » 2/12/15 9:30pm 2/12/15 9:30pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - Ashlee Simpson's La La

First off, the title isn't a typo, and this isn't a secret signal that I'm being held under duress somewhere. This track is among my favorite pop songs of all time. There's no pretentiousness, no hidden messages, nothing coy, just a dumb song loaded with innuendo and suggestions and with a pretty decent chance that at… » 2/11/15 9:30pm 2/11/15 9:30pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - Lady Gaga's You And I

Continuing the madness of songs that the average person would probably not expect that I like, or would publicly bring attention to the fact that not only do I enjoy these songs, but that I would recommend them for everyone else. I present the song which in my opinion is one of 1. Lady Gaga's finest works and 2. a… » 2/10/15 9:30pm 2/10/15 9:30pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - Rihanna's Shut Up And Drive

Enter scene: Roughly two years ago I'm finally watching Wreck-It Ralph at 11PM on a weekend night, alone. Up to the mid point of the movie, I'm really enjoying the movie, catching about 95% of every obscure video game reference (I grew up in arcades and with an Atari 2600, NES, SNES, etc). When suddenly there is a… » 2/09/15 9:30pm 2/09/15 9:30pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - Goldfrapp's Beautiful

I've been fairly obsessed with Goldfrapp since I picked up Black Cherry and discovered an entirely different group than what I was first introduced to when someone had me listen to Felt Mountain (I like Felt Mountain, but I loved Black Cherry). Dance music with what seems to be a really true return to an art feel (I… » 2/06/15 9:30pm 2/06/15 9:30pm

Songs Everyone Should Know - MS MR's Dark Doo Wop + Bones

By this point in time, anyone who reads these posts regularly will realize that I will buy a new album at the drop of a hat if my introduction to an artist is sufficiently impressive. MS MR is definitely one of those bands. A friend played this track for me once, and after looking over the track listing, I ordered the… » 2/05/15 9:30pm 2/05/15 9:30pm

OppositeLock Handbook for Commenting and Posting

Before we get to the rules themselves. Let's start with some basic history. Oppo is a community which sprung up from the need for an offtopic area from Jalopnik. It has grown into its own over the years and is the largest, most populated, quickest moving community on Kinja. Oppo is made up of over 2700 authors from… » 2/05/15 5:00pm 2/05/15 5:00pm

Remix Artists Everyone Should Know - Stuart Price (Jacques Lu Cont /…

I've previously featured some remixes by Stuart Price (Juliet, The Faint, New Order, and will likely feature more), but there are so many tracks that he has touched (he's also won Grammy's for his work, he's produced Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, The Killers, Kylie Minogue, Scissor Sisters and so many more). » 2/04/15 9:30pm 2/04/15 9:30pm