Form is the host. Content is the virus.
Form is the host. Content is the virus.
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Comments aren't showing up (unless directly navigated to)

EDIT: Still occurring around 6:50 EDT.…

About 45 minutes ago, my posts just stopped appearing on the topics I comment on.

For instance if you navigate to… my comment is not there, however if you go straight to my comment:… you can see it, until you click away from it, then you can't get back to it.

The same is true here, here, and here. It's quite odd.

Thanks for your help, I know that you guys are looking into things with odd comment behavior, but I know that some commenters are showing up fine, and wanted to make sure that I didn't get left out in the cold. =) You guys rock!

(Oh and just in case, I'm a moderator on Oppositelock and am followed by Jalopnik so I can post there as well)

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