Form is the host. Content is the virus.
Form is the host. Content is the virus.
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Enlarging Issues (heh)

Hey guys, regarding the ability to enlarge pictures so that they are viewable on mobile, I have two pieces of feedback.

One: On mobile, I can almost never enlarge the image without reloading the page at least once, usually two to three times, in order to get the star to appear so that I can click on it. It will "flash" before that when I touch the image, but it will not stay selected. I have an iPhone 4S and am using Safari (everything is up to date). This happens for all areas which I moderate.


Two: The ability to enlarge images for shared posts would be awesome so that they display on mobile. This need is highlighted by the new recruits program, in that shared posts from recruits can't be displayed with images on mobile. It also means that no shared posts without a reframe from other areas can be enlarged, and that they won't be displayed with an image on mobile.

Thanks as always!

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