I would like to provide a space for an open discussion of this ability/feature, and to start I would like to provide my personal opinion, and one which is shared by more than a few of the moderators (I haven't spoken to all of them regarding this, and I won't speak for everyone).

I would also like to point out that this post and topic are not targeting any specific commenter. This has been something which has been on my mind for months.

I would like to see some additional restraint in regard to the usage of the tool which allows any author on Oppo to share a comment from any post in the kinjaverse to the Oppo page.

Please take a moment to think if sharing the comment (your own or someone else's) to Oppo will provide the adequate context and understanding within the paragraph or image which is shared, to understand why the comment is being shared.

Additionally, remember that these are, in essence, posts, and should still follow the rules of Oppo (don't be a dick, no shit stirring, no trolling, etc). If the purpose of the reshare is to provide for knowledgeable continuance of a conversation, or to highlight a comment which is imminently relevant to ongoing topics, then share away.


When these reshares do not seem to have any obvious context, my own approach and thought process is that I think of these posts as spam, as they just take up space and generally are distracting without contributing to the overall flow of the community. I am of the opinion that a lot of the shares to Oppo end up just being out of context and are generally nothing but self promotion, or attempts at shaming another commenter.

There has been a feel to this of being an unspoken rule of Oppo for some time, and I wanted to discuss it before any actions are taken (or, possibly to state an unofficial position and leave it at that). We can codify it if needed, but are uncertain that there is a need to do so.

If you feel proud (or driven) enough to share a comment (yours or someone else's), in general I encourage you to write up a new post which links to it and provides additional context to the conversation and the comment or thread you feel is worthy of sharing.


My personal approach to this process seems similar to that of the front page. These are rare events in general. Once every few days (though sometimes there are weeks without a shared comment) an author on the FP will share a comment to Jalopnik proper, which highlights a position, or in the case of J. Walter Weatherman's piece on the Afroduck fiasco, showcases and clarifies the approach to a situation. In these cases the leading paragraph has set the tone and you understand the context of the approach. Very few comments meet this standard. I feel that this is the best way to maximize the usefulness of this tool.

Please share your opinions and thoughts in the comments.