Form is the host. Content is the virus.
Form is the host. Content is the virus.
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I was hesitant to post my experience from this morning, and when I did so, I posted it first on Oppo, and then I re-edited it to meet the QOTD, because it fit...

I was worried about being judged, and admitting fault (both of which I have strong opinions regarding - against baseless judging / for admitting fault).


Even the front pagers have helped me deal with this and flesh it out in my head. And they were all positive, looking forward comments. I'm nearly 38 years old, and sometimes it just takes a grand reset to get things straight again. So to you all, Oppo and frontpagers, thanks.

(QOTD post: )

(OG Oppo post: )

I'm still a little shaken up by it, but I have a better grip on how to move forward. You guys all rock.





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