Form is the host. Content is the virus.
Form is the host. Content is the virus.
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Parent-lopnik PSA.

An ER visit to determine that your toddler has not consumed any Tylenol PM is an effective, if not mind-numbing method for this.


Additional thoughts. When moving, make sure that nothing has spilled before somehow allowing toddlers into the area of moved furniture. Also, when such a spill may occur, take every freaking precaution to turn house upside down to remove hazards from house before toddler might find said hazard. When all common sense fails and you end up in very avoidable situation. Get thee to a ER for blood work. Hope that events are boring other than keeping a toddler vaguely entertained for the 5 hours (4 of which are past her bedtime) you spend in an ER room.








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